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4 Keys to Successful Advertising

June 23rd, 2014

It has been a question on the mind of countless business owners from small retail ‘mom & pop’ stores to large corporations. How to effectively utilize advertising for the media.

My dear friend and client, Scott Ingram (Sr. Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight) put together a short bit of information called “4 Keys to Successful Advertising”.


Advertise an effective message by always looking through the eyes of the customer. Your message should answer the question of “why should I do business with you?” What is in it for me?” “How will my life be better off as a result of having chosen to do business with you?” There should also be an offer and a call to action- ask the viewers to do something. Comcast Spotlight’s professionals will create your effective message for an additional investment.

Consistency or staying true to a core message

Convey the one thing that you want your company known for. As David Ogilvy, one of the most respected names in advertising once said; “Find a message that works. Use it until is doesn’t work any more.” Comcast Spotlight has an effective copy form and brainstorming sessions that we will use together to help focus your message.


If Consistency is staying true to the core, repetition is beating people over the head long enough and hard enough to cut through the clutter. Every business creates a customer who has gone through the “Marketing Pipeline”. You need to grab the customer’s attention, they have to have interest, have to develop desire in what you can do for them and then take action and buy. Repetition makes sure the customer is seeing your message when they are passing through your pipeline.


Advertising takes time- it can be compared to driving your car. When you get into your car and hit the gas you can’t instantly go 65 MPH. You know it takes time to build up speed and, while you’re accelerating, your fuel economy isn’t very good. As you get closer to cruising speed, mileage gets a lot better, everything smoothes out and you make measurable progress toward your goal.

Alright there are five keys; invest with Comcast Spotlight and our multi dimensional platforms, on-cable, on-line and on-demand.

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